Updating court orders

Life circumstances can change greatly following a divorce or parents separating. Children get older and their interests and plans change, and parents may experience job changes, meet new partners, or change housing arrangements. These natural changes may lead to the need to update and modify a California custody order. Should both parents be in agreement over changes to a custody order, the process can be completed by way of a new written stipulated court order. When the parents don’t see eye to eye, mediation may be required.

When the parties disagree on parenting arrangements in changing a custody order, the parents must establish that a change of circumstances led to the need for alterations. The alterations must also be in the child or children’s best interests before it will be approved by the judge. When discussing the need for changes to your custody order, it would be helpful to employ the services of an experienced family law attorney. An attorney experienced in child custody litigation will be familiar with the process, and will ensure that both your rights and your children’s best interests are protected.

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